Monday, July 28, 2008

Activist group is going to war against the Army

A group against high school military recruitment is asking for the same amount of access as military recruiters.

The Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools is proposing to the L-A Board of Education that military recruiters disproportionately recruit minorities or students from low-income neighborhoods.

Under the proposal- the Pasadena based group will visit ten to 15 high schools per week.

Offering information about enlistment, career options, and blocking contact information from the military.

The United Teachers of Los Angeles are supporting the bill.

Opponents of the bill argue activists use disinformation and graphic images to deter students from enlisting in the Army.

The U-S Department of Defense spends three point five Billion dollars annually on recruitment—enlisting more than 300-thousand people in 2007.

Los Angeles County ranked third in Army recruits in 2007.

The Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools will present their proposal to the city.


Darren said...

If you have a link about this, I'd love to post about this and spread the word. If you'd like to contact me directly, my Yahoo email is in my Blogger profile.

Million Dollar Thoughts said...

There was also an article from the LA times concerning this issue.

I also looked up from

I got the facts about the recruting spending of the military from research and I also conducted independent research.

I hope this helps and keep reading

Darren said...

I've linked to your post and expanded greatly: